We connect the world!

Every day we handle over 400 tons of international airmail and deliver on time! With us you experience modern airmail handling with a maximum of speed, security and service.







High throughput even at peak times ensures fast sorting

The main reason for this is our highly efficient sorting and processing system. Our high-performance sorter is reliably able to handle both large and small units quickly and reliably, so that we can offer you the optimal transport solution for every logistical challenge.

Flexibility is only one of our best sites

Receiving 400 tons of international airmail every day, handling it centrally and forwarding it to its destination on time - with the Airmail Center you will experience modern airmail handling in a new way - and with a maximum of speed, security and service. Short reaction times to your requirements and a seamless exchange of information with all parties involved are two of our strongest points.

Short ways also with long distances

Collection, sorting and delivery. Airmail handling is more than physical and documentary handling. We have state-of-the-art handling facilities that meet the highest quality standards. We offer short distances, fast processing, personal commitment and an unbeatable team.

About us

No other logistics company combines the know-how of an airline and airport operator with that of a postal service as consistently as the Airmail Center. Our focus is clearly on B2B business and intelligent solutions in airmail. Benefit from our air and ground network, which supports you in delivering airmail to an exact location at an exact time. Every day, we distribute letters, parcels and packages from around 90 airlines with mail in the cargo hold to 300 direct destinations around the world without changing planes.

This requires established facilities and efficient sorting technology. In this way you can ensure that your logistics chain is never interrupted and that all security requirements are always met. Take advantage of our highly effective handling network. We personally take care of your logistical needs.

The Airmail Center is a subsidiary of Deutsche Post DHL.

Deutsche Post DHL

Our managing directors are Markus Bellinghausen and Christian Wienecke.

What our clients say about us:

"The Airmail Center Frankfurt has been a trusted partner of Emirates SkyCargo for many years for our airmail handling at Frankfurt Airport - a volume of more than 350 tons annually. Germany is one of our most important markets in Europe and the Airmail Center offers us consistently professional service at the highest level and a true understanding of Emirates' service and quality philosophy, which is appreciated by our customers and partners worldwide. Our employees at Frankfurt Airport appreciate the daily interaction with the Airmail Center team, as both sides have the same idea of partnership and customer orientation." - Emirates SkyCargo

"Perfect Partnership United Airlines /Airmail Center. Thanks for great support for so many years!" - **United Airlines

"Without ACF and its unconditional commitment to punctuality, diligence and process reliability, we would hardly be able to keep our customer promise." - Lufthansa Cargo AG

"If you want to tackle things consistently and implement them in a straightforward manner, then the Airmail Center is the right place for you." - Turkish Airlines

"Airmail Handling means making a difference. This service only leads to the goal if it is individually tailored to the needs of the customer. And this is always the case with the Airmail Center." - FCS Frankfurt Cargo Services GmbH

"Korean Air follows "ACF-Way". Every day since 1997." - Korean Air Cargo

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Airmail Center Frankfurt GmbH

Airport Frankfurt/Main Gate 3, Building 189 60549 Frankfurt

e-mail: office[at]airmail-center[dot]de

Fax +49 69 690 596-99