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“Quality begins with people.”

Edgar Galm, Operations Manager Airmail Center, Munich

ACF_Edgar Galm

// Herr Galm, how important is the Munich location for the Airmail Center?

Very important because we provide transfer handling services here that meet the growing needs and wants of our customers. Our customers include Lufthansa Cargo AG, Swiss World Cargo, Air Malta, Tunis Air, and Singapore Airlines. As a result of our services, Munich has become an important airmail hub for Asia and North America.

// How is your location in Munich able to meet the same high standards in quality as in Frankfurt?

In Munich we move around twenty to thirty tonnes per day and in Frankfurt them move more than 400 tonnes, so a whole different order of magnitude. We do not have a tilt tray sorting system here in Munich so everything is sorted by hand. And our error quota is still almost zero. If you ask me what quality means, I would start with me. What example do I set in terms of quality? How do I motivate my employees?

There can be no quality without motivation. And everyone must play as a team. We learn from each other every day. That is the beginning of quality.

The Airmail Center has been offering its services at Munich Airport since the end of 2006.
Edgar Galm is in charge of operations.

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